AutoMow Boundary Cable 3.4mm Orange

AutoMow Boundary Cable 3.4mm Orange

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Standard cable in Orange, if you want a different colour for a 2nd installation in the same garden?

Our standard cable in orange are the same cables as our green cables, just in a differentiated colour.

Used for:

  • Additional installations
  • Complicated installation
  • 2nd installation in the same garden
  • Repairs
  • Different cable, different colour.
  • Guide cable


  • Thickness: 3,4mm standard cable
  • Cable roll size: 500/800 Meters – the 800 meters will fit all professional cable machines.
  • Used for installation of robot mowers, boundary loop, boundary cable, search cable, look-up loop, guide-wire and much more.
  • For all Husqvarna Automower types such: 105 305 308 310 315 315X 320 330X 420 430X 440 450X 520 550 G2 G3 210C 220AC 230ACX 260ACX 265ACX SH Solar Hybrid
  • For all Gardena types such as: R38Li R40Li R45Li R50Li R70Li R75Li R80Li R100Li R130Li R160Li R165 R180 Sileno Sileno+ Sileno City smart Sileno City smart Sileno smart Sileno+
  • For all McCulloch such as: ROB R600 and R1000 Bosch Indego 800 1000 1100 1200 connect WorX Landroid
  • For all Robomow-autonomous models such as: MC300, MC500, MC1000, MC1200, MS-Serie, RL-series, RM-Series,..
  • For all Ambrogio types such as: L200-250 -Robot models
  • For All Hinda Miimo robots

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