Husqvarna R214TC w/94cm Combi Deck

Husqvarna R214TC w/94cm Combi Deck

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Boasting a twin-cylinder high-torque engine, pivoting rear axle, and a 94cm Combi cutting deck as standard, the Husqvarna R214TC is a petrol ride-on mower that offers an unparalleled combination of power, manoeuvrability, and finish. With its front-mounted Combi cutting deck, the R214TC possesses excellent accessibility, able to reach under and around bushes, benches and other garden features. The versatile cutting deck is a fantastic match for the mower’s equally versatile and innovative tractor design. Articulated steering ensures a tight turning circle and accurate cut, with the pivoting rear axle maintaining the mower’s smooth ride on uneven surfaces. An optimally-placed cutting height lever allows the adjustment of the cut in motion to further aid the mower’s adaption to the unique conditions of your grounds.

The Husqvarna R214TC provides an array of adjustable features to allow the driver to cater the ride to their own comfort. With the engine placed to the rear of the operator, the intrusive presence of engine emissions and noise has been minimised. Controls are designed for comfort and kept in an accessible position so that the driver can keep both hands on the wheel for accurate manoeuvres, whilst a convenient bottle holder allows refreshment to be kept close. When the mower isn’t running the cutting deck’s ergonomic service position and engine hood help make the maintenance and service of the mower as accessible and efficient as its operation.

A pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission ensures precise adjustments of speed and direction, with forward and reverse assigned to independent pedals. Incorporating Husqvarna’s first-class BioClip® mulching design is a Combi cutting deck included as standard. Grass is cut extra finely before leaving the rear ejection port, increasing the rate of decomposition and more effectively fertilising the ground. The R214TC poses less risk of harm to delicate garden surface with its large 16-inch wheels, assuring the garden’s safety and the rider’s comfort.

The R214TC supports a number of front and rear-mounted accessories from trailers and rakes, to aerators and rollers, remaining up to the task all year long.

Cutting width 94 cm
Cutting methods BioClip®/Rear discharge
Engine Manufacturer Husqvarna
Transmission type Hydrostatic / Auto

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