Husqvarna 105 Automower (600 Sq. Mtrs)

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Enjoy effortless mowing with Husqvarna's Automower 105

Able to autonomously mow areas of lawn, ideal for small, flat gardens, this robotic mower from Husqvarna is a great value way to save hours of effort every week.

Simple to use with hassle-free operation

Having set up the Automower 105, it can largely be left to itself, trimming your grass little and often for a  fantastic finish  that's hard to beat with a conventional lawn mower. Once the battery becomes low, it will  automatically return to its docking station  to recharge. It is  waterproof, so can withstand harsh weather to keep your lawn at its best all-year round, while the  height of cut is easy to adjust  with a single knob.

Secure, safe & reliable

With a  PIN code lock, you are able to rest easy in the knowledge that your machine is secure, backed up by an  anti-theft alarm  that activates based on your specific settings. If the machine is lifted up or tilts over, the cutting blades stop, while a significant distance is also kept from the edge of the machine for extra safety.

Battery technology for a greener garden

Husqvarna's energy management technology helps their Automower range boast  extremely low energy consumption  that allows them to be used at a fraction of the cost of a standard lawn mower.  No emissions  are produced, while you can specify settings so that the machine only runs when you want it to, whether around the clock or to suit you.

The Automower 105 uses a  free movement pattern, avoiding taking the same route on multiple occasions for a lush green lawn and a carpet-like finish.

For best results, add a Husqvarna installation kit.

The  Husqvarna automower installation kit  contains everything you need to get your automower up and mowing. Simply designate your desired mowing area by lining the perimeter with wire, and sit back as your automower handles your lawn.

Small:  Contains 150m of loop wire and 300 pegs. Perfect for open lawns up to 800m2., or complex lawns up to 4002

Medium:  Contains 250m of loop wire and 400 pegs. Perfect for open lawns up to 2000m2., or complex lawns up to 10002.

Large:  Contains 400m of loop wire and 600 pegs. Perfect for open lawns up to 5000m2., or complex lawns up to 25002

All kits include loop wire, pegs, splicers and connectors.

Automower 105 Features:

  • Working area: 600 m2
  • Area per hour: 43 m2
  • Charge Time : 50 Mins
  • Maximum incline: 25%
  • Cutting height: 20-50mm
  • Noise level: 61 db(A)
  • Power consumptionL 20W
  • Weatherproof
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Lift and tilt sensors

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