Husqvarna 315X Automower (1600 Sq. Mtrs)

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Ideal for medium-sized lawns, backed up with premium features.

Able to work independently and provide a  fantastic finish  to your lawn, the Automower 315X is a great choice to revolutionise your gardening experience.

Cutting little & often for a lush, green finish

Thanks to  razor sharp blades  and cutting from multiple directions, you'll enjoy  strong and healthy grass  and the prevention of moss growth for a  carpet-like finish. A  spot-cutting mode  means you can also handle long grass beneath obstacles, while the 315X is built to tackle  slopes with an incline up to 40 percent.

Innovative technology for truly autonomous mowing

A real benefit of this model is its  GPS-assisted navigation. This creates a map of your garden and ensures that your mower covers the whole of your lawn, tracking what areas have been cut already and adjusting the pattern accordingly. This results in more efficient cutting and an even better finish. When the battery level gets low, the Automower  can return automatically to its charging station, while a  weather timer  means it adjusts its cutting pattern to suit the growth rate of the grass.

Husqvarna's  Automower Connect  system allows you to control the mower through your smartphone, sending start, stop and park commands, as well as adjusting settings. A  graphic menu display  on the mower itself makes it simple to change settings whatever method you choose.

Safe & secure to operate

The very latest battery technology means Husqvarna's Automower range is  quiet, efficient and supremely easy to work with. It can work around the clock and is  weatherproof, suitable for use in all conditions. For security, a  PIN code lock  and  anti-theft alarm  are provided, while the GPS technology on board means you can track where your mower is using a smartphone.  

Lift and tilt sensors  shut the machine off if an unexpected action occurs, and  LED headlights  ensure it can be seen in the dark. As an extra touch, this model features coloured wheel caps to mark it out from the crowd.

For best results, add a Husqvarna installation kit.

The  Husqvarna automower installation kit  contains everything you need to get your automower up and mowing. Simply designate your desired mowing area by lining the perimeter with wire, and sit back as your automower handles your lawn.

Small:  Contains 150m of loop wire and 300 pegs. Perfect for open lawns up to 800m2., or complex lawns up to 400m2

Medium:  Contains 250m of loop wire and 400 pegs. Perfect for open lawns up to 2000m2., or complex lawns up to 1000m2.

Large:  Contains 400m of loop wire and 600 pegs. Perfect for open lawns up to 5000m2., or complex lawns up to 2500m2

All kits include loop wire, pegs, splicers and connectors.

Automower 315X Features:

  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Typical Charging Time: 60 min
  • Typical Mow Time on One Charge: 70 min
  • Mean Energy Consumption at Maximum Use: 10 kWh
  • Mean Energy Consumption at Maximum Use: 1600 m ²
  • Power Consumption During Cutting: 25 W
  • Working Area Capacity ( ±20): 1600 m ²
  • Charging System: Automatic
  • Maximum Incline Within the Working Area: 22 °
  • Cutting System: 3 Pivoting Razor Blades
  • Cutting Width: 22 cm
  • Cutting Height Max: 60 mm
  • Cutting Height Min: 20 mm
  • Product Size, LxWxH: 63x51x25 cm
  • Colour Granite: Grey
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Keypad: 19 buttons
  • Information Panel: Large LCD display
  • Timer: Yes
  • Handle Type: Integrated
  • Alarm: Yes
  • PIN Code: Yes
  • Installation Lock: Yes
  • Time Lock: Yes
  • Remote Text Message: Yes
  • GPS Theft Tracking: Yes
  • Lift Sensor: Yes
  • Tilt Sensor: Yes
  • Ultrasonic Sensor: No
  • Extra Blades: 9 pcs
  • Sound Level Guaranteed: 60 dB(A)
  • Complexity rating 3/5

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