Husqvarna 520iRX PRO Battery Brushcutter

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1. Body Only
2. Kit (Including Body, BLi200 Battery & QC330 Charger)  

Bike handle cordless brushcutter

This  high-performance cordless brushcutter,  is fitted with a bike handle, which is ideal when using around larger areas, it can handle tough jobs with the blade fitted, but can also be changed to using a strimmer nylon tap and go head for using around tighter areas.

A balance 35 harness is included which distributes between the shoulders, chest and back.

The keypad has an optional savE control which will allow you to choose between normal to save mode allowing maximum power or maximum run time.  

All cordless models are ideal for landscape maintenance, noise sensitive areas and parks and public spaces due to their low noise, no direct emissions and low running costs, yet not compromising on power.

All Husqvarna batteries can be used with this machine, depending on the battery, it will allow the following:

  • BLi10  Battery: Light work: 30 minutes Tough Work: 15 mins
  • BLi20  Battery: Light work: 1 Hour, Tough work: 30 mins
  • BLi100  Battery: Light work: 40 mins, Tough work: 20 mins
  • BLi200  Battery: Light work: 1 hr 20 mins, Tough work: 40 mins
  • BLi300  Battery: Light work: 2 hr 30 mins: Tough Work: 1 hr 15mins
  • BLi550X  Backpack Battery: Light work: 4 hr 15 mins: Tough work: 2 Hours
  • BLi950X  Backpack Battery: Light work: 8hr 15 mins: Tough work: 4 hr 15 mins

Husqvarna 520iRX Cordless Brushcutter Features:

  • Brushless Motor
  • Two way head rotation
  • Blade Capable
  • Keypad with savE
  • T25B Tap n go head
  • Weatherprood
  • 36V L-ion voltage
  • BLDC Brushless
  • 1.2/0.7m/s2 vibration levels
  • 3.0kg- Weight

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