Husqvarna 525iB Mk.II PRO Battery Blower

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1. Body Only (No Battery or Charger Included)

2. Kit (BLi300 9.4Ah Battery & QC330 Charge Included)

The Husqvarna 525iB 36v Cordless Blower Unit Only is not just an incredibly efficient and long lasting appliance, it is also extremely comfortable due to its excellent ergonomics. The IPX4 weatherproofing and low noise levels allow this unit to be used year round in all conditions, regardless of rain or the setting.The Li-ion battery provides extended performance times and eliminates the need for refuelling. This unit also carries a patented battery through body design. This causes a reduction in the build-up of dirt, dust, chips and water in the battery compartment. This also places the battery’s centre of gravity in the rotational axis of the unit which allows much greater manoeuvrability. A lightweight design is achieved through fewer overall parts and an efficient electrical circuit in comparison with a petrol model. This also adds to the manoeuvrability and allows for longer working times.The motor used for this model is brushless which provides a number of benefits. The high torque to weight ratio increases efficiency, reliability and product life while reducing noise. In order to instantly start the machine a simple tap on a convenient keyboard is required. Cruise control allows blowing speed to be easily changed and set to the optimal rpm. A boost effect is also readily accessible and available for a limited length of time. This mode sets the blower to full power and is perfect for times when you need that extra boost.Due to excellent ergonomics, the clever battery through body design allows the tool to be ideally balanced for a comfortable working position and easy manipulation. The model is also equipped with a comfortable handle-grip and intuitive keyboard along with eyelets so that a harness can be fitted to aid comfort while working. The advanced electric motor fan design also gives this product the best performance in pro battery class. With a battery of 36v and air speeds of 48m/s, this really is an incredibly efficient machine.


Ergonomically shaped handle for greater comfort and easy access to the controls.
Blowing speed can be set at optionally rpm for optimum handling.
Maximized blowing speed during limited time through easy accessible boost mode.
Best performance in pro battery class due to the advanced electric motor fan design.
Excellent ergonomics through its exceptional product balance, comfortable handle grip and intuitive keypad.
Low noise levels enable longer working hours and the possibility to work in noise sensitive and restricted areas.
Working with harness and eyelet equipped machine gives a comfortable working position.Technical Data
Battery voltage 36v.
Battery type Li-Ion.
Motor type BLDC (brushless).
Air speed 48 m/s / 107.37 mph.
Noise level: Sound Pressure Level LWA 82dB(A).
Vibrations: 0.5m/s².
Weight (excluding battery) 2.4kg.

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