Husqvarna 405X Automower (600m²)

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New X-Line model: Automower 405X

New season brings series expansion for Automower

Husqvarna's renowned X-series will be joined by another new model in 2021. Like all models in this line, the Automower 405X includes the X design and the following features:

  • Built-in Automower Connect module
  • GPS supported navigation
  • Front LED headlights and rubber bumper
  • X-Line rubber bumper

In addition to the X-series exterior design, the new Husqvarna Automower 405X includes these other features compared to its predecessor, the 305:

  • FOTA, for independent updating of the robot grass cutter's firmware
  • The electric adjustment of the cutting height

Who is the new Husqvarna robot mower for?

The Husqvarna 405X is recommended for small to medium-sized gardens that have a more complex layout with several obstacles. The plot may also be slightly uneven or have a slope, as it is equipped with good off-road performance and climbing ability. The maximum possible slope is specified as ±40 %. A comprehensive sensor package is also installed at the factory. This includes a frost sensor, weather timer, passage treatment and 3 remote start options.

Firmware Over-the-Air

Always "up to date" thanks to FOTA

The abbreviation FOTA stands for Firmware Over The Air and offers a possibility to update the firmware of the robot grass cutter itself. The software is transferred to the Husqvarna Automower 405X via a mobile phone network.

detect narrow passages

Automatic passage mowing

During its work, the robot mower automatically recognises narrow passages and independently finds its way through even the narrowest places. It tries to vary the lane on its way through the narrow passages in order to avoid unpleasant tracks.

Weather Timer

Optimal mowing result thanks to Weather Timer

With the help of this sensor, Automower 405 X adjusts its mowing intervals according to the weather and the growth of the lawn. It increases its mowing time when the grass is growing fast and decreases the mowing time when the weather is sunny or dry.

Innovative mowing technology

Automower 405X works safely and efficiently

This model is designed for more demanding, complex gardens. To ensure that the work is not only automatic but also safe, the robot lawn mower has been equipped with safety sensors. In addition to lift, tilt and collision sensors, an alarm and pin code are built into the model.

Since the robot grass cutter works in all weathers, it is equipped with weatherproof housing.

Thanks to the innovative mowing or mulching system, the Husqvarna 405X ensures a healthy carpet of grass. The grass is shortened a little every time you go out. This is done with three sharp blades mounted on a rotating blade disc. The grass residues fall to the ground and provide the lawn with moisture, nutrients and fertilizer.

Another brand highlight is the particularly quiet operation. Therefore, the model is also suitable for use in more densely populated residential areas. But please: watch out for (nocturnal) animals. The noise level is stated at 60dB. As this is very low, the robot mower will be noticed by animals only with great difficulty or even too late. Therefore, please leave the Husqvarna Automower 405X in its charging station at dusk.

The Husqvarna Automower 405X has a frost sensor. With this handy sensor, the robot lawn mower measures the temperature just before mowing starts and then every hour (limit: 3 °C ± 3). If the temperature is too low - the robot stays in the station or reverses to avoid damaging the frosty ground.

Automower Connect

App control via Automower Connect

The Husqvarna 405X robot mower is equipped with the Automower Connect module and can therefore be conveniently controlled, monitored or even programmed via a tablet or smartphone. This means that the smart lawn mower can be operated optimally from anywhere - whether on holiday, in the office or at home.

Reliable mowing thanks to GPS-assisted navigation

To maintain a consistent cutting pattern throughout the garden, up to three entry points can be defined for mowing with the Automower 405X. This allows the robot lawn mower to regularly find its way into hard-to-reach areas of the garden. It reliably mows side areas or areas that can only be reached via narrow passages. Thanks to GPS-supported navigation, the robot grass cutter covers the area in such a way that all areas of the garden are worked on.

For best results, add a Husqvarna installation kit.

The Husqvarna automower installation kit contains everything you need to get your automower up and mowing. Simply designate your desired mowing area by lining the perimeter with wire, and sit back as your automower handles your lawn.

Small: Contains 150m of loop wire and 300 pegs. Perfect for open lawns up to 800m2., or complex lawns up to 400m2

Medium: Contains 250m of loop wire and 400 pegs. Perfect for open lawns up to 2000m2., or complex lawns up to 1000m2.

Large: Contains 400m of loop wire and 600 pegs. Perfect for open lawns up to 5000m2., or complex lawns up to 2500m2

All kits include loop wire, pegs, splicers and connectors.

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