Husqvarna BLi950X 31.1Ah Backpack Battery

Husqvarna BLi950X 31.1Ah Backpack Battery

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The perfect blend of maximum running time, durable design and comfortable operation.

As a high capacity solution to working away from a power source, this 31.1 Ah backpack battery from Husqvarna is a unparalleled choice.

Excellent ergonomics for comfortable use

The ergonomic harness provided with this battery ensures less strain on your shoulders and back, allowing you to work for longer. There is a pivoting fixing point on the belt that ensures the harness follows your shoulders as they move, while the support foot has a clever design facilitating additional storage space for personal equipment.

The battery cable is also easy to keep safely out of the way thanks to several fixing points.

Stay on top of power levels with this easy to use battery

A clear LED display is provided on both the battery and the adapter, which means you are able to quickly see how much power you have left and whether you need to recharge. For easy storage or transportation on a flat surface, a detachable support foot is included, while bumpers and a particularly sturdy housing ensure maximum durability.

The battery itself is easily detachable so you can share batteries without changing harnesses.

Husqvarna BLi950X 31.1Ah Backpack Battery Features:

  • Type: 36V Li-ion
  • Capacity: 31.1 Ah
  • Energy: 1120 Wh
  • Weight: 6.9 kg

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