OleoMac GST360 PRO Pruning ChainSaw

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Product Description

GST 360 is a compact machine, characterized by an excellent power to weight ratio, it is an ideal chain
saw for pruning activities and felling of small-medium diameter trees, either from the ground on in height, for
particular for professionals.

The new chain saw is an excellent combination of lightness, cutting capacity and flexibility of use, high
torque and power without limits. Standing out as the ideal tool for those who face fast, precise and frequent

Engineering developments, improvements and several new features make this chainsaw:
- reliable
- sturdily-built
- easy to maintain
- light in all types of operating conditions.

Product Features 

  • Professional engine 35,1 cm3 two-stroke (EURO 2) rated
  • Light alloy crankcase, piston is fitted 2 rings, diecast
  • Digital coil with electronic control and rev limiter:
  • ON-BOARD clutch with drum and brake band

Technical Data

Displacement 1.5 KW (9000)
Bar length 35 cm / 14"
Chain (pitch x gauge) 3/8 x 050./52 links
Oil pump Automatic
Oil/ fuel tank capacity 0.26/0.36L

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