OleoMac GS651 Pro 20" Chainsaw

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Product Description

Designed for heavy and prolonged work in the most demanding conditions. GS651

Product Features

  • Casing in aluminium guarantee maximum resistance to stresses and ensures steady efficiency even with long chain bars.
  • Generously proportioned filtration surface affords optimum engine protection even in heavily dust laden environments, prolonging useful life.
  • Special cylinders and pistons with two rings designed to withstand intensive and prolonged use over time.
  • Incorporates on board clutch with drum and brake belt built into the crankcase. This prevents ingress of foreign matter between the centrifugal weights, ensuring consistently perfect operation and facilitating disassembly of the chain guard.
  • Equipped with anti-vibration system using two spring dampers and four rubber stops, significantly isolating the operator from engine vibration for greater comfort during use.
  • Equipped with multifunction lever (choke/ start/ stop controls integrated in a single conveniently located lever to simplify starting and switching off the machine), decompressor and side chain tensioner.

Technical Data

Displacement 4.7 HP - 3.5 kW/63.4 cm3
Weight 6.3KG
Bar length 46-51-61-71-76cm  18" - 20" - 24" - 28" - 30"
Chain (pitch x gauge) 3/8" x 0.58"
Oil pump Automatic/ adjustable
Oil/ fuel tank capacity 0.45 L/ 0.80 L
Oil/ fuel tank capacity 0.45 L/ 0.80 L

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