Repair Kit for Boundary Cable 25 Mtr

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25 Meter Repair Kit

Repair any broken cable with this complete set of cable, connector and plastic pegs.

You can also use the 25 meters of cable to include a small extra part of the garden to the total installation area.

The kit includes:

  • 25-meter boundary wire
  • 10 Plastic pegs
  • 5 Scotchlock connectors


  • 25 meters Standard boundary cable in 2,7mm, with 5 connectors and 10 plastic pegs.
  • Used for repairs or to add an extra part of the garden to the total installation.
  • For all Husqvarna Automower types such: 105 305 308 310 315 315X 320 330X 420 430X 440 450X 520 550 G2 G3 210C 220AC 230ACX 260ACX 265ACX SH Solar Hybrid
  • For all Gardena types such as: R38Li R40Li R45Li R50Li R70Li R75Li R80Li R100Li R130Li R160Li R165 R180 Sileno Sileno+ Sileno City smart Sileno City smart Sileno smart Sileno+
  • For all McCulloch such as: ROB R600 and R1000 Bosch Indego 800 1000 1100 1200 connect WorX Landroid
  • For all Robomow-autonomous models such as: MC300, MC500, MC1000, MC1200, MS-Serie, RL-series, RM-Series,..
  • For all Ambrogio types such as: L200-250 -Robot models

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