Stiga Park 320 PW Twin Front Deck Mower 105cm

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With its front-mounted cutter-deck and 50:50 articulated steering-system, the STIGA Park 320 PW provides an unimpeded view of the cutting-path and can be maneuvered around and between trees and ornaments accurately and safely with no chance of the machine’s rear suffering accidental impact. Further enhancing agility is a foot-pedal operated hydrostatic drive - the more pressure you apply to the pedal, the faster you’ll go, much like an automotive-style automatic transmission. The Park 320 PW can be paired with a 95cm or 105cm cutter-deck. Both decks feature STIGA’s Quickflip system, that not only makes them quick and easy to clean and maintain. Mulching and rear-discharge capabilities combine with 10-stage cutting-height adjustment to facilitate the management of a diverse array of grass conditions; while an ideally positioned lever enables practical and convenient blade engagement. Instead of the usual lever-based cutting-height selection system, the Park 320 PW benefits from effort-free electric push-button height adjustment. Power is supplied by a new 586cc STIGA four-stroke twin-cylinder engine that develops great power; and which has been designed and built using quality components throughout.

  • Thanks to the STIGA 50:50 articulated steering, you can work without worrying about the rear of the machine 
  • Powerful STIGA twin-cylinder engine with 586 cc, allowing great performances
  • Perfect view of the cutting-path, so you can always see what you are doing
  • Foot-pedal operated hydrostatic drive for a smooth and easy speed management
  • Can be paired with a 95, 105 or 100 cm cutting deck
  • Quickflip technology: clean the deck in less than 30 seconds
  • Tow-hitch included.

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